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Our Story

Here's my story...

If you're up for the long version, I've written a memoir called Burning Down the Fireproof Hotel  that tells the story of moving from "stuck" to "spacious."

I was long trying to keep myself safe from life intruding too much on my neatly constructed plans... until I came to realize that the beautiful life consists of trusting God as He takes us into the thick of things as his agents of love. I didn't exactly learn that the easy way, as this book will tell you, but I do believe (most days now) that God actually loves me, and I want other people to know that the same is true of them.

My memoir will light a fire in you to seek all that "immeasurably more" that God has for us little people -- at least I pray it will.

The short version: I'm evolving. Origins in the South; decades in DC; passionate about all my people, connecting folks, and always wondering what God is up to next, knowing that even when I can't see what it is, I can trust that it's good.

I love dancing to "The Hustle." I've never found a road trip that sounded too far. I'm more into tequila than wine. I reread Harriet the Spy every year. My favorite place in my beloved DC is the Central Union Mission homeless shelter.

If I get my way, my tombstone will say, "She said, 'yes.'"

That's me.

Let's merge our stories and work together.

Get in touch and let's brainstorm about how I can come alongside you and help you meet the goals you have for yourself and your people through speaking, teaching,  facilitating, and/or creating events and experiences.