Burning Down the Fireproof Hotel is part spiritual memoir, part manifesto for the spacious life that's waiting for all of us beyond our private prisons.

From the back cover:

"Cary Umhau had everything she'd ever wanted -- beautiful children, a healthy bank account, even, she'd been told, a ticket to heaven. Yet something felt desperately wrong. Something was missing.

"Somewhere on the road to the American Dream, her happy Christian life had become a fireproof fortress -- one that tried to keep the world's pain at bay but left her all too safe from God's burning love and connection with people around her.

"And she learned that God would do anything to break her out. Including -- it seemed -- breaking her."

This hopeful story will leave you wanting more in your own life. And there's lots of life beyond the things that threaten our neatly constructed control and plans. And the good news is, that "life beyond" is there for the taking.

"How do I buy this stellar book?" you might ask?

Why don't you buy your case from me, and I can sign them for you? Or if your needs are more modest, I'll be happy/ecstatic to send you just one. Email me and get a signed copy from me.

Here are some scenes from the book tour for Burning Down the Fireproof Hotel -- so many good places and people.