Flash Table


A pop-up pie party in a space that needs a little love, a "flash table" is a chance to invite, serve and hang out with anybody who happens to wander by that day.


Because the city needs a little love, and it's easy to be the one who provides it if you just have a few tips and a little hand-holding at first.

I'll help you put on such an event and then build your capacity to keep the random pie party happening.

Somewhat random yet delightfully neighborly; are you and your people ready for a "flash table?"


Choose Your Own Adventure

Whom are you trying to connect? What are you trying to accomplish? I'd love to facilitate a creative experience that you can enjoy and sustain.

We'll brainstorm, dream and pray for the inspiration to explore your goals, your own and/or your team's capacities.

You'll end up with a plan you can execute, with or without me, depending on your comfort level and budget. We'll jumpstart you.

Look here for past events I've created through SPACIOUS, which I founded to turn strangers into neighbors (see right side-bar there for "Past Events").




How about a dinner party (or a series of dinners) structured around inviting someone with whom you don't normally eat?  SPACIOUS Tables are open and inviting, not forced or cheesy but definitely memorable.

Invite someone with whom you want to build (or repair) a bridge or someone with whom you aren't quite sure what to talk about. Good things guaranteed.

I've got templates, menus, conversation starters, venue and caterer lists to share.

I'll set you up for a gathering that catalyzes something powerful for the folks you want to connect (and for you!).

I've had The Washington Post, BBC World Service Radio, Huffington Post and others cover my work in the realm of playful neighbor love. I'd love to help you and your people find joy and connection.


Your intention meets my experience, and something cool can happen.

Isn't it incredible to hear "Look! There you are," or "We've saved you a seat?"

Whether you're just trying to meet your neighbors or you have a more formal mandate to connect and include somebody particular, I love creating customized experiences to help you do that. Immigrants, embassy personnel, students and interns, folks who live in the same building but haven't spoken... all of these are longing to be connected.

Real estate developers, churches, neighborhood associations, community spaces, schools (really anybody trying to build connections) have benefited from my connecting superpower.

Have you ever heard yourself say or think:

  • "I'd love to gather some people but I'm not sure how to plan it."
  • "Am I gonna do this by myself? Sounds hard."
  • "What do I do to minimize awkwardness and insure folks (including me) have fun ?"
  • "What kind of equipment do I need to pull off an event?"
  • "What works? What doesn't? How do I know?"

If so, let's talk.

Basically you're hiring me to build your confidence in doing what you probably already know how to do in your gut.

I'm just a catalyst, a hand-holder, an accountability partner.

But I'm a darn good one. And I'd love to work with you.

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Next Steps...

Reach out and let's talk about what you're trying to do. The first 15-minute conversation is free so we can hear each other's voices and visions and see if we both think we're a match.

Then we go from there and co-create a plan that matches your needs, schedule, and budget.