Tourist Patrol Manifesto



Here’s my guide for taking to the streets of your (tourist-worthy*) town and kindness-bombing and welcoming those folks you meet (without creeping them out). I regularly make a habit of loading up my trusty MINI Cooper with bottled water, homemade cookies, fruit, whatever I have on hand and heading to the downtown tourist areas of my city. I walk around and meet strangers.

Tourists are awesome. They’re earnest, excited, eager, and our gateway into travel. If you can’t go somewhere yourself, at least you stand a chance of meeting someone from “there” and learning all about their home.

This is the most fun you can have (unless you’re an introvert).

*Everywhere is tourist-worthy, of course. It’s a numbers game though. Your $5 investment in this manifesto may appeal more if you can spread out the (hefty) cost over lots of tourists.



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