Speaking & Teaching Offerings


Stand-alone Talks

Talks generally range from 20-40 minutes with added Q&A time.
Some favorite topics include:
  • Take the Detour: Road Trip Lessons
  • The Art of Neighboring
  • Encountering theĀ  Human Miracle on the Sidewalk in Front of You
  • Parenting beyond Report Cards (Theirs and Yours)
  • The God Who Sees You

Multi-Part Talks

Ideal for a day retreat with several short sessions or for a multi-event series
  • Reality Check (four to six sessions on where we put our value)
  • Known and Loved (three sessions)
  • Words for the Weary (two to three sessions)
  • Beyond Generic Jesus (knowing his character, four sessions)


Settling in with a group for a couple of days allows digging into discussions or doing related activities. Some favorite themes recently have been:
  • Immeasurably More
  • Where'd You Come From? Where are you Going?
  • The Value of Disruption
  • Mission Possible: Living in Love and Implication
  • "I is Me, and Me is Good; God Don't Make No Junk"



Scripture-based sermons are a passion. Some recent ones in churches of varied denominations have included:
  • Psalm 16 and Reorientation
  • Choosing Rest over Running Ragged (Mark 6)
  • Being Community
  • Hanging vs. Handling (Luke 10, Micah 6:8)
  • The Value of Disruption
  • Advent Sermon: Are We Waiting for Jesus or just for Peppermint Mochas?
  • In Quietness and Trust: Countercultural Living
  • Brute Beasts and Weaned Children: Praying with the Psalms


The distinction between speaking and teaching is the amount of audience engagement. These offerings generally include some sort of writing exercise or artistic activity.
Many of this category's offerings could be tailored to an individual or couple to have private sessions (not therapy but simply guided reflection.)
  • Intentional Marriage (newlywed individuals or couples creating blueprints for their marital vision)
  • Book Tour: A Tool for Pastoring vs. Platform-building (for authors wanting their book tours to be more about the reader experience)


Facilitating is showing up to come alongside you as you have a group discussion (based on someone else's teaching or, perhaps, a book folks have read). My gifts in that arena are:
  • reading the room,
  • sensing when some are not feeling they have space to speak,
  • creating emotional safety,
  • redirecting gently to stay on topic,
  • drawing forth all voices,
  • pivoting in a new direction when the Spirit leads.



All photos in this section courtesy of Kevin Dickerson.

I'd love to work with you. Let's do it!


"Cary, where have you been, and where are you headed next?"


Let's plan something fun for post-COVID! We're all going to want to be together, sharing messages of hope in the new normal we'll create.

Partial List of Past Venues:

  • All Saints' Episcopal Church Family Forum -- Chevy Chase, MD
  • Politics & Prose Bookstore, Washington, DC
  • Theological Horizons -- Charlottesville, VA
  • Pecha Kucha 20x20 at PhotoWeek DC
  • First Presbyterian Church, Bristol, TN
  • Park Road Books, Charlotte, NC
  • Washington Community Fellowship, Washington, DC
  • World Vision US, Washington, DC
  • First Presbyterian Church, Gainesville, GA
  • The Falls Church Anglican, Arlington, VA
  • Ohio County Library, Wheeling, WV
  • City Church, Charlotte, NC
  • Christ Church, Vienna, VA
  • First Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, NC
  • John Knox Presbyterian Church, Greenville, SC
  • Care Company, Washington, DC
  • King's Church, Washington, DC
  • Episcopal Church of the Advent, Spartanburg, SC

"So where do we start?"


How do you know if I'm right for you? Here are a few things to consider:

Here's my speaker's policy for your consideration.

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To connect with me directly, please use the Contact Page or email cary@caryumhau.com.

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"What does your voice sound like?"

"Who says you're good at this?"

These folks do.

"You were such a blessing to our staff. I got so much great feedback about your message. We're so grateful for you. I personally loved your humor and vulnerability. Thanks for using your gift to minister to us!"

Tiffany Dukes, World Vision US

"Cary is an extraordinary speaker and teacher. She creatively leads and engages groups like no one else. She is uniquely gifted in understanding her audience and their wants and needs which is not the case with many speakers. This type of 'knowing' guides her to create experiences and programming that is thoughtful, insightful, deep and fun. It is safe to say that you are deeply impacted after being a part of any event that Cary leads.

Sarah Boone, therapist

"Happy to recommend Cary Umhau as a speaker/author. She is engaging and thought-provoking; her stories from Burning Down the Fireproof Hotel challenge us to release our fears and step into the 'real world' where we grow, where we love --and find love."

Susan Wharton Gates, PhD, author, speaker, business and policy consultant