Sample topics for all sorts of talks are on my general speaking page. I never use the same talk entirely again. Every audience is different, and I want to hear your goals for your group. And also, as a person who's always in process, I'm not the same speaker (or woman) I was the last time I gave a talk. To recycle my words would bore me (and probably you). My heart's just not in it the same way as when I pray for fresh inspiration. So you can always know your talk will be yours uniquely.

Time permitting, I'm also willing to go in a new direction and write a talk entirely from scratch. That takes a good bit more time and thus may cost more.

I'll ask you to designate booksellers from your group and will work with you to provide my own books for sale at the event. I love interacting with your people and signing books as we visit.

Reimbursement for transportation (I often road trip), meals and lodging are expected, and my speaker's fees are tailored to reflect the time I spend preparing as well as the time I'm with you.

My basic rates are:

  • $500 -- one talk within a couple hours' drive from my home in Washington, DC
  • $1000 -- one talk in a location that requires a day or night away from home
  • $2500 -- two to three talks including a night away from home (one set of discussion questions included per talk)
  • $3500 -- more than three talks and/or two or more nights away (one set of discussion questions included per talk)


  • $250 -- Additional question sets for on-site or take-home use
  • $500 -- planning and execution of an experiential event or activity during a weekend retreat

I'll want to hear what's important to you and can flexibly accommodate many requests.

Please fill out this form if you are ready to request my services.

It would be such fun and a privilege to work with you. Thanks for your consideration.