A smattering of my writing :

My work has been published in a diverse and esoteric assortment of print and online publications, including these favorite pieces:


How do we save the world (which, let's face it, needs our help) when we're having trouble just finding our glasses and we need a nap? Here are my thoughts from a piece in The Washington Post, "My Conscience, My Kid."



"My Peripatetic Posse" in Comment is a paean to those folks who know us best, those from way back. In my case, they're called "the wasabis."



For Sojourners, I wrote about "Reaching Across the Racial Divide," of which I find myself on the privileged (often clueless) side, and about the necessity to wade into conversation anyway.  Here is that piece.



The following appeared on The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology's Intersections blog (partially excerpted from Burning Down the Fireproof Hotel):

I also have ghost-written and edited for others in business and ministry settings as well as for personal memoirs and essays.