Speaking & Teaching

My stimulating, often humorous, story-driven, deep messages shake people up, inviting their curiosity and hope.

Understanding what the culture of an organization is, I enjoy shaping the presentation of content so that an audience can best hear it.

I'm a Jesus-follower myself, but I have a particular facility with speaking to groups of folks with different beliefs, honoring their experiences and perspectives while sharing my own journey too.

When there's a group of people who don't (yet) know that they have lots in common, I'm in my element. I love facilitating conversation that takes the group deeper and helps people feel safe finding common ground while having a lot of fun.

No two talks or lessons are the same with me since one of my core beliefs is that God always wants to speak personally to us.

A retreat, an event... what are you planning?

Photo credit: Caren Louise Photographs

Writing & Editing

My first book, Burning Down the Fireproof Hotel can be found in all the usual places in print, audio (read by me... so fun!), and Kindle. You can learn more about it here.

I "published" my first newspaper, The Habersham Times, when I was 10, replete with sports, want-ads, and comics sections, exercising journalistic discretion to not include a neighbor couple's divorce I'd heard about at the dinner table.

I've since written for the Washington Post, Sojourners, and many more publications.

I write, write, write -- books, articles, blogposts, curriculum, Bible studies, essays, and more, by request or just because. I'd be honored to work with you.

Will you read and share my work if it resonates with you or would encourage someone?

And how about you? Do you know that people need to hear from you? I love editing and story-shaping for others, and sometimes my schedule permits taking on projects to help people share their stories.

Creating Community

I love hanging out with people I might not normally have met and getting others to do the same, especially over a meal.

Strangers are simply "pre-friends," so the sooner we get past our unnecessary reticence and just let people know that they seem cool to get to know, the better life will be. This photo, for example, depicts the time I shared lunch with the staff of the Ronald Taylor Funeral Home in DC when I expressed interest in an epic mural on the side of their building and they invited me over for lunch. Good folks serving my city well.

Creating spaces where people connect beyond superficiality is what gets me up in the morning. (That plus coffee.)

Let's create something meaningful and fun for you and/or your group to break down some barriers, build relationships, and/or just have some fun (something sorely underrated these days).

I'd love to help you put feet to your vision of building community.


People, we were made for more.

We're often living with fear and limits, aren't we?

God made us for connection -- to Him, to each other, and to our own glorious, cool, free, joyful, real selves.

Sometimes life beats all the hopefulness out of us. Stuff happens; we bomb things; others hurt us. And we think that consigns us to a life of hiding, shame or isolation. But those are big fat lies. We don't need to listen to them.

God invites us to bust out of those stale paradigms, to experience His abundance, to take risks on each other (even across demographic borders that folks who don't know better have told us matter), and to imagine or remember that we matter profoundly.

There's so much more to life, and I adore talking to people, groups, and organizations to salt people's tongues so they recognize their thirst for more of God, more of connecting to good people, more love, and more acceptance of their own little imperfect (but bad-ass) selves.

This site is written in first-person without the "royal we" because I'm just me, talking to just you, and I feel like this is the start of our conversation.

Nobody needs to go another minute afraid and stuck.

I want to get the message of hope that I've learned and lived before your people.

Let's talk!



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